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Evil Chi Detoxifier is used by martial artists to open stagnated energy channels and acu-points due to over or under exertion/indulgence of any type.


It is a general detoxifer and immune enhancer, increasing the body's resistance to negative influences.

Herbal Supplements:
Made specifically for martial artists, Each of the Shaolin Brand Training Herbal Capsule Formulas, Teas and Wines are made from the finest Chinese wildcrafted herbs, imported directly and then prepared according to traditional Shaolin and Taoist formulas.   Each of the training formulas is priced differently due to their varying ingredients.  All Shaolin Brand formulas are 100% pure herbs, milled from the highest quality.  No fillers, binders or artificial ingredients are added.

Directions for Use:

CAPSULES: (Size 00 Capsule, 90 per package)  Take one capsule evenly spaced three times daily with a cup of Shaolin Brand Tea or warm water.

Evil Chi Detoxifier

SKU: TF004
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