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Unraveling the Mystery of Ditdajow

Ditdajow translated into English means Hit Wine Medicine.  It is an externally applied liniment, usually prepared in a liquid base of rice wine or alcohol, hence the wine in ‘Hit Wine’, along with  a specific blend of herbs.  It is used to treat external areas of the body that receive impact or trauma resulting from martial arts training or conditioning skills or other injuries from sports or daily life such as bruises, strains, swelling or broken bones.

The actual formula and specific process of making a potent traditional jow is varied and often proprietary.  For a ditdajow to reach full potency requires not only careful preparation, but proper storage and aging.

Use the guide below:

All purpose, Bruises, Strains: 8 Immortals, Shaolin, Ancient Dit Da Jow

Swelling: End Swell, Winter Tiger

Bone Damage: Bone Bruise

Sore Muscles: White Ghost, Dragon's Mist, Muscle Balm

Massage Liniment: Golden Dragon, Muscle Massage, 13 Herb massage

ditdajow bottles on display at an herbalist shop

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